World backup day cover photo. The photo is attached to a blog article about world Backup Day explaining best practices for small to mid-sized companies

World Backup Day: Best practices for small to mid-sized companies

We constantly hear phrases like ‘data is the new oil’ — and just like oil it needs to be stored carefully. According to research commissioned by Arcserve, 52% of mid-sized companies that have experienced data loss in the last five…

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A light grey illustration of a square hole in the ground with a blue arrow winding around it is shown to represent the concept of zero-day vulnerabilities and the importance of avoiding them

What Is a Zero-Day Vulnerability and How Can It Be Avoided?

In today's increasingly digital world, security threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. One such threat that can cause serious harm to individuals and businesses alike is a zero-day vulnerability. In this article, we'll explore what zero-day vulnerabilities are, the…

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zero-day vulnerabilities

Mastering The Top 13 Cyber Attack Vectors: The Ultimate Guide to Safeguarding Your Organization

To effectively shield your organization from cyber attacks, it's vital to understand cyber attack vectors. After all, how do you know what you should be doing to defend, if you don’t have an idea of the threats? But what are…

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A picture of a guy holding a magnifier

Internet-facing asset discovery: what is it and how does it help me?

Explore internet-facing asset discovery to protect your business by identifying and securing exposed online assets. Ransomware, state-directed cybercriminals and the dark web gangs — in today's world, it's crucial for companies to safeguard their assets from cyber threats. Ensuring the…

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A picture of a payment terminal depicting outdated payment protocols exposing customers and merchants.

Outdated payment protocols expose customers and merchants

We must be able to trust payment systems: Payment terminals have conquered nearly every retail outlet and payment cards are as pervasive as cash. Major parts of this critical payment infrastructure, however, rely on proprietary protocols from the 90’s with…

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zero-day vulnerabilities

Achieving Telerik Remote Code Execution 100 Times Faster

Abstract ‍A cryptographic vulnerability in the development software Telerik UI that was discovered in 2017 has long been considered impractical to exploit. Until now. Research by Security Research Labs (SRLabs) shows that this impracticability was only due to the unoptimized…

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A picture of 2 men running depicting the issue of legacy booking systems disclosing travelers’ private information.

Legacy booking systems disclose travelers’ private information

Travel bookings worldwide are maintained in a handful of systems. The three largest Global Distributed Systems (GDS) Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport administer more than 90% of flight reservations as well as numerous hotel, car, and other travel bookings. Today’s GDSs…

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A picture of an exposed private camera showing a man in his room working attached to a blog article about how the cloud exposes private IP cameras.

The Cloud exposes your private IP cameras

In 2016, was hit by a huge DDoS attack. Shortly thereafter, DNS provider Dyn went down, leaving many web applications unreachable. The Mirai malware drove the attacks by searching for devices with default credentials running telnet services, compromising them…

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A picture of a puzzle in the shape of a brain with the word bias on some of its tiles. this image is attached to a blog article about avoiding status quo bias in cybersecurity. This paper you’ll get an insight into the tendency towards status quo bias, which leads individuals and companies to resist change and stick to familiar ways of doing things.

Avoiding status quo bias in cybersecurity

Summary This paper explores status quo bias, resistance to change, and its impact on cloud adoption and cybersecurity. Discover how concerns over security and control hinder the acceptance of cloud-based solutions and SaaS offerings. Get insights into the benefits, like…

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Automating Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Made Easy

How you can handle 1 million security issues with just 80 actionable workoutsToo many cybersecurity issues generally overwhelm IT staff in remediating the root causes of these flaws. Read in this case study in just 5 minutes how one client…

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