In this article, you will learn what is so special about Autobahn Security’s Issue Digestion and why this process plays an essential role in a realistic assessment of your security posture. That little extra for your vulnerability management.

Vulnerability management is made up of many different sub-processes. With the so-called “Issue Digestion”, which stands between the scanning and the actual remediation of the vulnerabilities found, Autobahn Security has created a unique process that ensures lasting security for companies.

We explain what exactly happens during issue digestion, why this process is so important for vulnerability management – and why not every vulnerability that is initially considered critical is actually a critical vulnerability.

Simple scanning tools leave many questions unanswered

Several sub-steps are necessary to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in the system. The classic vulnerability scan is a good starting point, because it helps tools to identify potential vulnerabilities in a fully automated way. This gives companies and their IT teams the chance to gain a good initial overview of the current security situation. However, knowing about potential entry points is not enough to protect against cyber attacks.

During the scanning process, hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities are often uncovered. Many of these are classified as high or even critical, which understandably puts security managers on alert. But where should they start? In most cases, the list of critical vulnerabilities is so long that it is nearly impossible to work through them. As a consequence, the results of a vulnerability scan often do not help the IT team to take the necessary measures, but completely overwhelm them.

Issue Digestion provides you with a realistic picture of your security posture

Autobahn Security accesses the results of various scanning tools. There are two options here: Either the customer is already using one or more scanners whose results can be consolidated on Autobahn Security’s platform. Or this is not yet the case and he chooses a package that includes a vulnerability scanner. In this way, Autobahn Security ensures that the first step is to generate the broadest possible picture of a company’s security posture. Issue digestion then comes into play. Autobahn Security’s experts developed the process, which comprises two sub-processes that enable realistic security assessments and efficient vulnerability remediation.

Endless lists of potential vulnerabilities

The problem: Conventional scanning tools generate endlessly long lists of potential vulnerabilities – but these usually offer only a one-dimensional perspective. As a result, many vulnerabilities are incorrectly classified as high or even critical. For example, certain gateways have potential damage but lack exploitable methods for hackers. Additionally, there are security vulnerabilities that scanners cannot detect because no public exploits exist. Moreover, security measures like firewalls, which serve as a last line of defense, are often overlooked. This means that the picture painted by simple scanners does not correspond to the truth. In addition, it often causes security managers to panic, which is not at all necessary – or they do not focus on the actually relevant vulnerabilities, i.e. they mistakenly set the wrong priorities.

Reclassify vulnerabilities

Autobahn Security’s Issue Digestion aims to resolve precisely this discrepancy. During this process, the identified security vulnerabilities are first reviewed and reclassified. The security engineers have built a broad knowledge base over many years, regularly updating it. For instance, out of 100 previously critical security gaps, only 20 remain classified as critical, requiring more attention. Autobahn Security reclassifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities, empowering customers to obtain a realistic security posture assessment and focus on resolving pertinent vulnerabilities. This approach prevents them from becoming overwhelmed by a multitude of potentially critical issues.

Our complete package offers comprehensible and easy-to-implement solutions

After completing the re-classification of vulnerabilities, another crucial step is undertaken as part of Autobahn Security’s Issue Digestion: assigning the appropriate cyber fitness workout. Security experts create these workouts, offering easy-to-implement action items to swiftly address vulnerabilities with common root causes. By combining both sub-processes, Autobahn Security offers companies and their IT teams the ultimate support to not only realistically assess existing vulnerabilities, but also to efficiently close them. This relieves the burden on everyone involved and leaves more time for what is really important.

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