The image shows a person standing on an arrowed-shaped way pointing forward, surrounded by more arrowed-shaped ways but all in different and random directions. The imgae is attached to a blog article titled: Comprehensive Guide to Implementing a Vulnerability Management Process. This guide explains the process step by step, helps understand the basics of vulnerability management, establish a team, identify and assess vulnerabilities, and develop a remediation plan.

How a DAX company dealt with 1 million vulnerabilities​

Includes assistance for your ROI calculation Outlook This case study describes the experience of a DAX company that was able to eliminate a large mountain of vulnerabilities through clearly prioritized Cyber Ffitness Workouts, without the need for additional security experts. Learn how the company did not despair…

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This image shows a guy in a suit and red glasses, with his arms on a wooden table, looking at a laptop with an amazement expressed with an open mouth and while holding his glasses. This photo is attached to a case study about how a multinational bank reduced their hackability by over 50%​

How a multinational bank reduced their Hackability by over 50%​

Executive​ summaryAs a multinational bank operating in over 17 countries, the customer required a seamless and holistic vulnerability management tool. Most critically they needed platform integration across all subsidiaries. ​In this case study, you’ll learn how the client gained access…

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This is a cover photo that showcases a guy in a lab holding a test tube and a needle. The guy is wearing a mask and a labcoat. more illustrations on the photo contain chemistry icons and tools. The photo is associated with a case study about how a chemical corporation reduced its hackability by 70% in 3 months with Autobahn Security.

ESIM Chemicals reduces its Hackability by 70% within 3 months​

IntroductionESIM Chemicals™ is a leading service provider for specific syntheses of unique chemical compounds. ESIM develops exclusive syntheses and intermediate products for clients in various industries such as the agricultural industry. Moreover, the globally operating company maintains a rich portfolio…

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