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Autobahn Security happy customer testimonial

“With easy-to-follow Cyber Fitness Workouts, Autobahn Security makes remediation possible for everyone.”

Dr. Ralf Schneider

Group CIO, Allianz
Autobahn Security happy customer testimonial

“With easy-to-follow Cyber Fitness Workouts, Autobahn Security makes remediation possible for everyone.”

Dr. Ralf Schneider

Group CIO, Allianz

Actionable Cyber Fitness Workouts
for easy remediation

Fix security issues like an expert

Cyber Fitness Workouts, our signature remediation guides, are crafted by our security experts such that any IT team can implement them. Even without prior security know-how.

Reduce remediation management time by 90%  

By clustering vulnerabilities that share the same root cause, our platform allows you to solve multiple issues with a single Workout, drastically reducing the time you spend on remediation.

Report progress to the senior leadership

Our unified security KPI, the Hackability Score, translates technical jargon into a single metric, taking you from data overwhelm to a prioritized action plan. Your CEO will love it!

Our automated vulnerability prioritization platform lets you work smarter, not harder


Asset discovery scans enable you to understand your company’s attack surface. Autobahn Fit automatically discovers your assets based on the email address you provide at sign-up. By connecting Cloud assets (AWS, Azure, GCP) and inventory tools (CMDB) and performing asset discovery scans, we reach a close approximation of your IT infrastructure and the software components running in your network.

Scan & Consolidate

Consolidate vulnerability data. You may already have vulnerability data from pen tests, vulnerability scanners, and other expert tools. Or simply start your first scan with our built-in scanner.


Cluster vulnerabilities with common root causes to resolve issues efficiently. Different security issues often share the same root cause.


Map the root causes of vulnerabilities to remediation guides allowing you to discover what the issues are and how to fix them.

Prioritize & Remediate

Our platform clarifies which Cyber Fitness Workouts will have the biggest impact and gives you a list of remediation guides to work through in priority order.

Get Support

Our Cyber Fitness Coaches will be there to help you get off the ground. And will continue to support when you have questions or get stuck. Our team is on hand to help.

A screenshot of Autobahn Security's dashboards displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide measurable data about a company's standing. The Hackability Score, a unique KPI developed by Autobahn Security, is prominently displayed on the dashboard, enabling companies to compare themselves with peers, allocate budgets, extend compliance, and track progress over time. The screenshot is accompanied by a paragraph explaining the purpose and benefits of the Hackability Score and the dashboard

We’ve been at the forefront of cybersecurity innovations for over 10 years

Our roots go back to Security Research Labs (SRLabs), founded by ethical hacker Karsten Nohl in 2010. While consulting on IT security for Global Fortune 500 companies, we realized that the industry lacked an efficient and holistic vulnerability management solution. Autobahn Security was launched as a spinoff in 2021 to be that solution.

See what Autobahn Fit
can do for you

To see how it works for yourself, you can watch our short explainer video or schedule a free consultation with us. We look forward to meeting your cybersecurity needs!

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I start my free trial?

Firstly, we will reach out to verify your ownership. Once we’ve confirmed that, the platform will start scanning your assets according to your preferred scope. When this initial scan is complete and verified, you’ll get notified. You can then explore the dashboard, discover your Hackability Score and start remediating based on our prioritized remediation guides, the Cyber Fitness Workout. Or simply call us and our Cyber Fitness Coach will guide you! 😉

How much does the Autobahn Fit platform cost?

Pricing for Autobahn Fit is based on the number of active IPs you have. We currently offer four plans – Secure, Secure +, Premium and Enterprise. Discover and compare these license packages in detail here: https://autobahn-security.com/autobahn-fit-vulnerability-management-pricing/

How secure is my data?

We treat your data with care. Autobahn Fit is hosted in AWS’ secure data center, certified to the highest security standards. Data is always encrypted both in transit and at rest, following industry best practices. Customer data on our platform is logically separated using unique identifiers, with access automatically scoped based on authentication information. For authentication we follow industry-standard OAuth 2.0, while all infrastructure access is controlled through Single Sign On and RBAC role management. Engineers have no pre-approved production access, so troubleshooting access is granted only on a case-by-case basis. Finally, daily automated backups, managed by AWS, ensure your data is always available to you when you need it!

Will Autobahn Fit integrate with my current scanner?

Autobahn Fit offers integrations with several of the leading scanners on the market, such as Nessus/Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7 or MS Defender. Configuring these integrations will enable you to import scan results into the platform. Alternatively, if you do not have a scanning solution in place, you can simply use Autobahn Fit’s built-in scanner.

Scan, prioritize and remediate

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© 2023 Autobhn Security.  All rights reserved. 

Impressum Privacy Policy

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