A headshot of the founder of Autobahn Security, ethical hacker, Dr Karsten Nohl. The image is accompanied by a quote and a case study of how 1 million vulnerabilities were discovered in one client's system, and how Autobahn Security reduced hackability by 24% with its prioritization and focused workouts.

Dr. Karsten Nohl, Founder

“Autobahn Security shows you how hackers can break into your system. And how to shut them out, quickly.”

In one case, a vulnerability scan discovered nearly 1 million issues in a client’s IT-system. Our radical prioritization approach helped this Fortune 500 company focus on only 4 highly impactful Cyber Fitness Workouts rather than trying to deal with such a vast number of vulnerabilities​. In the end, the total Hackability Score was reduced by 24% just by implementing our prioritized Cyber Fitness Workouts on only 2 networks.