We are constantly expanding our integration capabilities based on the needs of our customers. Currently we offer the following integrations:

  • CLOUD INTEGRATIONS: Autobahn Security currently offers integrations for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Uploading your cloud credentials allows us to retrieve a list of your running instances. We will automatically add your cloud IPs — along with the other assets we find using our industry leading Asset Discovery.
  • THIRD-PARTY SCANNERS: Autobahn Security currently offers integrations with Nessus External and Internal, and with Invicti. Linking a third-party scanner account to Autobahn Security enables you to import scan results into the Autobahn Security platform, so we can help you cluster and prioritize these into our signature Cyber Fitness Workouts.
  • SPLUNK: Once your data is aggregated and prioritized with our platform, you can easily send their vulnerability data to Splunk using the CIM standard. The vulnerability data found through Autobahn Security can then be correlated with other information that you have in Splunk, for example information from asset management tools, or logs from your SOC.
  • Jira Software, Splunk