Are you struggling under the weight of thousands of vulnerability scan results? Or are you looking to start scanning for vulnerabilities but don’t know where to begin?

Autobahn Security pulls together all your vulnerability data, either from third party tools or from scans you run from within our platform. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, you get an easy-to-digest report — with each vulnerability clustered by its root cause, ranked by Hackability Score and mapped to a Cyber Fitness Workout.

Cyber Fitness workouts are our ‘secret sauce’, remediation guides that are written with non-security experts in mind. By providing stakeholders with intuitive and detailed remediation guides, you can empower IT-owners in your organization to adopt a cybersecurity-conscious mindset. And the best thing about it? You’ll automatically get the Cyber Fitness workouts that have the biggest impact first, so you always know you’re making a real difference.