The secret to cyber security? Fix today's issues today.

Liberate your team from manual prioritization and remediation research. Ensure your cyber security is making an impact with Autobahn Security.

The secret to cyber security? Fix today's issues today.

The risks of poor cyber security

Global corporate losses to cybercrime are predicted to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

With organized criminal groups responsible for 51% of these attacks, it’s crucial for businesses to invest in robust cybersecurity solutions. Don’t be part of the 43% lacking specific security measures—take action now!

Get cyber-fit. Boost your hacking

30% reduced hackability within 3 months

1 straightforward KPI to report IT security posture to your board

90% of time saved spent on remediation management

Hundreds of vulnerabilities turned into an easy to manage amount of remediation guides

Benchmark to see how you stack up to peers and identify where you underperform

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The Autobahn Security Experience


Overwhelmed by loads of unstructured cyber scanner results? Our cyber security platform consolidates data from any security assessment tool and provides manual reassessment of every single vulnerability from a hacker’s point of view. Clustering and prioritizing issues will avoid overload for your team. Get to the root cause!


Not finding a cyber security expert for your IT team? Help comes in the form of Cyber Fitness Workouts. These workouts are designed as easy-to-follow actionable remediation guides for IT teams even without security expertise, and each guide is curated by our teams of security engineers and technical writers. Upgrade your in-house security expertise and save money!


Worried that good might not be good enough? Naturally, you want to know everything about your company’s standing. The Hackability Score is Autobahn Security’s unique KPI. This individual score enables you to compare your company with peers, allocate budget, extend compliance, and track progress over time. Understand your hacking risks and improve reporting to management!


Feeling left alone when the going gets tough? Reach out for us and speak to a real expert. Each remediation we suggest to you is formulated and tested by our technical team. Moreover, our security engineers are there for you, should you have questions during implementation or regarding any vulnerabilities, even before remediating them. Feel the support!

How does Autobahn Security help your cyber security?

01. Struggling to prioritize vulnerabilities?

Our smart prioritization feature helps you focus on the most critical issues first.

02. Overwhelmed by complex remediation processes?

Our user-friendly interface and step-by-step Cyber Fitness Workouts make remediation a breeze for everyone.

03. Concerned about security communication?

Our Hackability Score provides a single KPI for reporting vertically or horizontally.

04. Need actionable insights?

Autobahn Security’s detailed reports and recommendations empower you to make informed decisions and enhance your cybersecurity strategy.

05. Stressed about resource allocation?

Our efficient vulnerability management system allows you to use fewer resources for remediation while maximizing your security efforts.

06. Searching for a scalable solution?

Autobahn Security’s flexible platform seamlessly grows with your organization’s needs by empowering non-security experts to take ownership of remediation tasks.

Your security future is just a click away.

You don’t need to enter a credit card (or any of that stuff) — just fill in the form and once we’ve verified your ownership, our automated process will start scanning your assets. Once that initial scan is complete and verified, you’ll get access to a full test environment so you can explore by yourself.